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“We have moral commitment to pro bono service and are duty bound to give back to the society in which we live, practice and thrive” are the words of Mr. Neeraj Aarora, the founder of the firm.

Pro Bono service is an integral part of Hazen Legal Associates activities which is based on our firm belief that there is more to our professional mandate than advocacy for the most powerful and successful members of society. We are committed to provide the legal representation/help for the least powerful/members of marginalized society who lack the means to secure costly legal representation. Through these pro bono efforts, we are doing our bit for the marginalized section of the society.

As a part of our pro bono initiative, we have successfully represented a poor widowed lady to secure compensation in motor vehicle accident in which her husband died. The insurance company has filed an appeal in the Delhi High Court that the legal representative of the victim is not entitled for compensation as the Air Force Vehicle with which the accident took place was on sovereign duty. Mr. Neeraj Aarora successfully represented the poor lady before the Delhi High Court and argued at length the dichotomy between sovereign and non-sovereign functions citing leading judgments of Apex Courts and various High Courts. He successfully convinced the Hon’ble court that the doctrine of sovereign immunity has no application so far as claims for compensation under the Motor Vehicles Act are concerned.

For availing the pro bono service to the need based poor clients, please fill the feedback form or email to us at or contact us at any of our contact numbers.
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