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Recommendations on cybercrime issued by OAS working group
The cyber criminality is rising with the tide of new computers getting connected to the Internet. Many of the stories intercepted in this category fall under the ‘you wouldn’t believe it’ label. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jos
I-T department system hacked, Rs 14 cr siphoned by hackers
In a major security lapse, suspected hackers have broken into the income tax department’s computer system and siphoned off Rs. 14 crore. The money was transferred as refunds through the department’s electronic clearing system (ECS) into various bank account across t
Fake Government Website
Recently, website with the URL address, surfaced up in the cyberspace which claims itself to be the website of the “Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra” (which translates to national science centre) a Government Enterprise with Lucknow address. The said website c
Yahoo Dragged into Cyber War between Google and China
Yahoo was dragged into the growing international cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government, after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China due to mounting cyber attacks believed to be masterminded by th
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How To Become A Cyber Forensic Examiner
Admissibility of Secondary E-evidence u
Due to the boom in the industry of e-commerce and tremensdo
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