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Commit cyber crime, Get Bail-The Scheme of Section 77-B IT AA, 2008

The IT Amendment Act, 2008 has introduced many new cyber offences like phishing, identity theft, video voyeurism, cyber terrorism etc.  However, at the same time, the legislature as it seems has taken by one hand what it gave with other. Section 77-B has been introduced under t

Female members of the family are also “Respondent” under DV Act, 2005

The latest judicial pronouncement of Afzalunnisa Begum & Ors Vs. The State of A.P. & ors Criminal Petition No. 7160 and 8495 of 2008 pronounced on 02/06/2009 laid down that “the 'respondent' as defined under Section 2(q) of the Act includes a female relative of the husband”.

IT Amendment Act, 2008 notified w.e.f. 27/10/2009
The Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2008 (Bill No.96-F of 2008) was passed by the both houses of parliament on December, 2008 and received the accent of the president on 5th February, 2009. However, the Amendment Act had not yet come into force and was only for informatio
Kotak Mahindra Bank won a Cyber Squatting case at WIPO

Many cyber squatters get register the domain names after famous personalities or well known companies with the reasoning that sooner or later they will use one for their Web site and pay hefty sum to them to secure the release of the domain name registered by the squatters. There was one cyber sq

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How To Become A Cyber Forensic Examiner
Admissibility of Secondary E-evidence u
Due to the boom in the industry of e-commerce and tremensdo
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